About Us
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Vision Statement:
Our vision is to be the premier category shopping search engine, striving to meet the needs of all consumers searching for products and services in a quick and user friendly environment. 

Culture Statement:
Inspired by God, InMyAlley.com was designed to be used as a funding instrument to bless and serve others.  When you purchase through this site, you enable us to distribute and meet the needs of others.  Touching lives through building youth centers and supporting orphanages to disaster relief, homeless outreach and daycare assistance, purchases made through this site impact our communities and touch tender hearts.  Thank you - YOU are making a difference.

Outreach Partners:
Joyce Meyer Ministries http://www.joycemeyer.org/
Northland, A Church Distributed http://www.northlandchurch.net/
International Miracle Center http://www.imcchurch.org/about_c.html
The Lighthouse Church http://www.thelighthousechurch.us

Why use this site?
As you shop and select the products you want and need, you are simultaneously giving to others!
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